How To Save Money When Learning To Drive

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It’s no secret that learning to drive can be a very expensive thing. There are all sorts of costs to consider, some of which you can’t reduce. For example, things like your provisional licence will have a set rate that you cannot change. There are also other costs you may not have considered, such as learner insurance.

How many hours does a learner driver need?

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to spend a fortune on learning to drive.

According to RAC, the average amount of lessons required for a learner driver is 45 hours/ lessons. The average instructor rate is £25, which works out to £900 for the lessons alone!

Source: RAC

There are some easy ways to save money when you start learning to drive, and you can check them out down below:

1. Revise for your theory

Theory tests cost £23 in the UK, and you will have to keep paying for them until you pass. Naturally, your best way of saving money is by passing the first time. This means doing a lot of driving theory revision to be absolutely certain that you know the answers to the questions. You can find mock tests online, apps that help you, and loads of other free resources. Don’t rush the process as it can help you save an absolute fortune on test fees. You’d rather wait a bit longer and only pay £23 than rushing to take your test and needing to repeat it two or three times before you pass!

2. Do a lot of independent driving

Independent driving is when you go out in a car with someone you know, rather than with an instructor on proper lessons. It means you can drive around and get a feel for driving, without spending any money. Often, people pass with hardly any driving lessons because they’ve spent a lot of time out in a car with a parent or friend. The more driving you can do for free, the cheaper it will be to pass your test and get your licence. And the more you learn to drive, the better the chance of building up your no claims discount on your insurance.

3. Shop around for your lessons

When it comes to the actual lessons, shop around and compare the prices. Realistically, most driving instructors from the big driving schools will offer the same service. They will help you learn to drive, it’s more down to your own ability that determines how many lessons you need. You can go for independent driving instructors as well, but they can be more expensive in some cases. Shop around and compare prices to see who offers the best deals on lessons, saving you lots of money. 

4. Only take your theory test when you’re ready to take your practical

It sounds like a weird thing to say, but this is because your theory test runs out after two years. Some people make the mistake of passing their theory – which could take a few tries – then not being able to take their practical. So, they end up waiting over two years, meaning they have to pay for their theory again. Or, they pass their theory, try to take their practical course as soon as possible, but fail. Downhearted by the failure, they quit driving for a few years. Eventually, they try again, needing to pay for a new theory test and practical tests.

You can save money by waiting until you’re ready to pass your practical, then taking your theory and practical close together. 

Try these tactics to save a lot of money when learning to drive – whether this relates to yourself or your children, you know what to do to keep your finances in check.

After passing, the next step is to choose a car insurance policy!

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