How Much Does A Hamster Cost A Month?

Hamster laying in bed

Hamsters are cute little animals that make excellent pets for many people. The primary reason people keep hamsters as pets is that they don’t require a lot of care. Hamsters run on their wheels to get enough exercise, ensuring improved and balanced health. These small animals are beautiful, cuddly, and soothing to hold in your hands.

How much does a hamster cost?

If you are looking for a starter pet for your child, look no further than purchasing a hamster. The price of a hamster depends on its breed and the shop where you buy it. However, the average cost of a hamster in the UK is between £5 and £15.

What are the initial costs for a hamster?

After buying a hamster, it is crucial to buy a few essential things, such as a cage, wheel, and toys. These are just the initial expenses for keeping a hamster. A hamster cage usually costs £20 to £30. Likewise, a hamster wheel has a price between £15 to £30, depending on its quality and size.

In addition, a large cage with tunnels and tubes has a relatively higher price than a cage with no tubes. Remember, cages with tubes and tunnels are difficult to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is crucial to place some old toilet papers in the cage to maintain hygiene.

How much is bedding for a hamster?

According to, hamster bedding usually costs between £4 and £5. Because hamsters require a lot of bedding, it is crucial to focus on high-quality material, such as paper strips, hay, or plant fibre bedding. The purpose is to ensure your hamster stays comfortable without any problems and enjoys its digging instincts.

How much is hamster food?

Hamsters eat nuts, grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and cracked corn. Research shows that a hamster diet must include at least 16% of proteins and 5% fat. The cost of hamster food is between £2 and £5 per bag. The price difference is due to the quality, size, and manufacturer of the food products.

Average cost of hamster insurance

The cost of pet insurance depends on the type of coverage you choose or buy. It also depends on various other factors, such as the hamster’s age, location, and vet fees. However, the average insurance cost for a hamster is between £10 and £15 per month.

What about vet costs?

Your hamster can experience a wide range of health conditions if you fail to care for it properly. These include cuts and scrapes, dehydration, eye problems, colds, coughs, circling, and abscesses. When your hamster does not feel well, you will take it to the vet.

The average cost of a hamster vet appointment in the UK is £60. This covers consultation and diagnosis. If your hamster needs advanced treatment for severe or chronic health conditions, expect to pay much higher. That’s why we recommend buying an insurance policy for your hamster.

What is the monthly cost of a hamster?

Hamsters are beautiful pets that soothe your mind when you watch, play or cuddle with them. The monthly expenses, including food, treats, bedding, and toys, depends on their quality and quantity.

The average monthly cost to keep a hamster is around £10. This is because bedding and food can last a couple of months for a single hamster. They are a very cheap and easy pet to keep!

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